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Lunch Special

Monday - Saturday 11:00 AM to 3:00PM

Lunch A

2 California Roll (20pcs)


Lunch B

2 Shrimp Tempura Roll (12pcs)


Lunch C

California Roll (10pcs) +

Spicy Crab Roll or Spicy Tuna Roll (10pcs)


Lunch D

California Roll (10pcs)+

Salmon Roll or Tuna Roll (10pcs)


Lunch E

California Roll (10pcs) +

Shrimp Tempura Roll (6pcs)


Lunch F

California Roll (10pcs) +

Crab Tempura Roll or Chicken Tempura Roll (6pcs)


Lunch G

Crab Tempura Roll (6pcs) +

Chicken Tempura Roll (6pcs)


Lunch H

Chicken Teriyaki over Rice


Lunch I

Beef Teriyaki over Rice


Lunch J

Shrimp Teriyaki over Rice


Lunch K

Eel (unagi) over Rice


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